The auto transport sector is a dynamic industry where you can always see new developments every year. There have been substantial new developments this year, which are becoming norms.

A few of these developments were introduced by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and others were driven by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with its ongoing battle against carbon emissions.

We can still expect more changes because of the current pandemic that also has made an impact on the transport sector. Lastly, it is the technology that is moving the transport industry to move towards a more efficient and streamlined model. That is the reason why Ship a Car, Inc. can offer so many cheap car shipping options.

Let us try to list out a few new trends in this industry in the following paragraph:

1. Electronic logging devices

Technology has enabled the auto transport industry to stay compliant with various regulations and transmit all their data to safety officials directly. This new technology offers better safety to drivers.

2. Cloud-based systems adoption

Cloud-based systems adoption has opened up unlimited opportunities that allow higher profitability and helps to exceed the common returns.

3. Greener fleets with economical shipping

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More and more people are opting for environment-friendly carrier models. The American transport sector has been the worst offender for producing harmful greenhouse gases, as freight activity will be doubled within the next 2 decades.

4. Integrated, frictionless travel

The rise of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service) has become a necessity to make all travel much smoother and hassle-free.

5. Visibility and Anti-Theft GPS

The tracking technology adoption and increased traceability are other major driving trends in the auto transportation industry noticed this year.

6. Smarter carriers with healthier practices

Auto carriers are now meeting the internet shopper’s demand who is reluctant to risk a face-to-face dealership pickup due to the pandemic.

7. Self-driving trucks

For self-driving trucks, the technology is still in the process, as certain obstacles are yet to be looked into and worked upon. Soon driverless software will create efficient traffic on urban roads.

8. Blockchain in logistics

Another new transformative technology trend is known as blockchain that is going to be used for distribution and transportation, which is going to shape mobility in the year 2021.

One of the applications of blockchain technology in the trucking industry is to ensure the accuracy of their performance history records.

9. Address delivery

Due to growth in E-commerce businesses high demand has been created for address deliveries. By providing better service can always make the business more competitive.

So, heavy trucking businesses must also consider including a fleet of few small vehicles to capture a bigger section of the market. Therefore, the last mile deliveries optimization is another transport and logistics industry trend of 2021.

You will notice that all these new trends as mentioned above are leading to saving money for auto transporters. Now it has to be seen how this will be transferred to the customers. The auto broker can now find carriers for your budget and needs.